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The day my husband asked me what my passion was, I looked at him with a surprised look. I just realized that the notion of having a passion was a completely foreign idea to me. A passion is what golf is to my husband. Something he spends time to learn about at every opportunity. Something he likes so much, he practices the moves even in the shower. There are things and activities that I enjoyed but not to that level. And that is how the quest to find my passion began.
One day, after finishing a very fun class on photography, all I could think about was when I would be able to practice the new tricks I just learned. And it hit me… I finally found my passion. I realized how much I loved taking pictures and always had. Beyond my love for taking pictures, I love the feeling of happiness and calmness I get from it. Being able to capture those memories is priceless.
Now I know, photography is my golf and my goal is to provide you with the same feeling I have when I take picture: a feeling of happiness.

How do you find your passion?


+ My family is a mix of Congolese (DRCongo) and Cajun culture, and we love good food and good times.  

+ I am a Zumba® and a Strong Nation® instructor.

+ I am a music lover and musicals are among my favorite type of movies. 

+ I enjoy good books, puzzles, and construction games. 

+ French is my first language and, in addition to English I speak fluently Lingala and Kikongo, and understand Swahili; all those are languages spoken in Democratic Repulic of Congo  .
+ I am a night owl, I work best after 8pm.

+ I literally have family all over the world.

quick facts about me

And a little more about me...
Let's talk about my style and what moves me.

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For me, a great picture is one that touches my emotions. A photo that reminds me of a specific moment, a feeling, a particular smell, or a good laugh. The joy I experience through photography, I wanted to share it. 
I want to be able to capture people's stories and special moments that would bring a smile on their face when they look at the pictures and remember where they were and most of all how you felt at that particular moment. 


why i became a

My photos represent real moments and emotions. I work toward capturing life as it happens in everyday life.
From the colors to the subjects and the fell of the photo, my goal is to stay true to the real moment with an hint of vibrancy. 

Candid, Natural, and Relaxed.

my photography style

Hand down my favorite dessert is the Tiramisu. This coffee flavored Italian dessert is my absolutely favorite. the combination of the creamy mascarpone cheese, the fluffy ladyfingers and the deep, rich coffee flavor is delightful.  When I go out to dinner with my husband or friends, I always inspect the dessert menu for Tiramisu. And it is there, it better be good :)


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New Orleans, Louisiana, is a city that absolutely fascinates me. I love the history, the culture, architecture, the diversity, the food, and the mystery that surrounds every part of the city. Each  visit seems like the first. The people of New Orleans are definitely one of the most warmhearted I have come across.

Next on the list is Lafayette, Louisana, at the heart of Cajun country. This city definitely has won a special place in my heart. 

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