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We thrive to document daily lives and cherished moments and to capture the candid and natural emotions. We are in the business of creating memories!

Mushi Photogarphy is a “traveling photography business” focusing on lifestyle, that travels with us wherever we end up.

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It is not just about capturing photographs, but also about capturing you and your family’s story and special moments of your life. Moments that would make you smile when you look at the photographs and remember the exact place and time the photograph was taken, and most of all, the emotions and feelings you had. We freeze those special moments in time to create memories that last for a lifetime! 

We are driven by the passion of photography and our desire to capture precious moments.

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I am a wife and a proud Mama of six years old boy/girl twins, and a two year old boy. My family and I are always on the move for professional reasons, and we have been blessed to call home different countries of the world.

Throughout our travels, I take pictures of my kids and my family and I am always thankful that I am able to “freeze” those memories in whichever part of the world we are in that particular moment. That is why lifestyle photography is my main focus. 

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